Pet Odor Removal

Welcome to the ultimate solution for carpet Pet Odor Removal! We understand the challenges of maintaining a fresh and clean home when you have furry companions. Pets can contribute to carpet odours in various ways. Their fur, dander, and occasional accidents can seep into carpet fibres. As these substances break down over time, they release unpleasant odours.Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaning specialises in high-quality pet odour removal services. We have everything prepared to handle even the most difficult odours. Our effective and hassle-free methods eliminate pet odours from your carpets, creating a comfortable environment for both you and your pets. Our pet odour removal specialists will make your carpet fresh and welcoming.

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With a motive to encourage an odour-free environment, our team at Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaning takes pleasure in providing the best carpet pet odour removal service. Our carpet cleaners have enough knowledge and more than 25 years of experience. So, get free quotes and book services if the charges suit you.

When You Need To Get Carpet Pet Odour Removal Service

Persistent Odour

When you detect a persistent, foul smell in your house, particularly in places where your dogs congregate. It may be an indication that pet odours have been ingrained in the carpet.


Pet accidents can leave behind stains on your carpet. If you have cleaned them but the stains still exist, there can be odours that need to be treated by a specialist.

Behaviour Problems

When your pets keep going back to the same places to urinate or mark territory. It may be a sign that nearby odours are drawing them in.

Allergies or Respiratory Issues

Allergens and odours coming from the carpet may be the cause of allergies or respiratory discomfort.

Visitor Reactions

When visitors comment on a strong pet odour in your house, it is obvious that expert carpet odour treatment you may need.

Pet Mishaps

Pet mishaps can result in mould or mildew development in your carpet, which can give off a musty odour if it is not properly treated.

Benefits Of Carpet Pet Odour Removal

Regular cleaning and maintenance, including vacuuming and professional stain removal, can help prevent and minimize these pet-related carpet odours. Numerous benefits of this are as follows:

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Carpet pet odour remover works to get rid of the unpleasant smells left over after pet accidents. It makes your carpet pleasant and fresh again.
  • Healthier Living Space: By removing pet odours from carpets, you may make your home healthier by lowering the allergens and other health risks that come with persistent odours.
  • Increases Carpet Lifespan: Regular carpet odour treatment can increase the lifespan of your carpets. It can prevent odour molecules from degrading the fibres and inflicting irreversible harm.
  • Improved Home Aesthetics: A carpet with a good scent is cosier and more attractive to both occupants and visitors. It provides a more pleasant atmosphere.
Benefits Of Carpet Pet Odour Removal
Complete Carpet Odour Removal

How We Complete Carpet Pet Odor Removal

We use these steps to remove pet odours from the carpet.

  • Pre-Inspection: To determine the level of carpet pet odours and stains that need treatment, our skilled specialists do an inspection.
  • Pet Odour Treatment: To target and remove the odour-causing molecules buried in the carpet fibres, we use specialised pet odour removal products and methods. The pet odours, our carpet cleaners remove with our expert treatment.
  • Deep Cleaning: To thoroughly clean the impacted areas, our team uses commercial-grade carpet cleaning tools. We enhance the carpet’s look and freshness, as any last-minute residues by eliminating pollutants, and grime.
  • Deodorisation(Optional): Our specialists do a last check once the treatment and cleaning procedure they finished. We make sure the pet odours are thoroughly eliminated and the carpets match our standards. If required, we apply deodorisers.

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