Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept and how can I contact you?

We accept all popular payment modes including Paypal, Visa, AMEX, Credit Card, Master Card, Cash, and Cheque. We operate nationwide. You can contact us on 0488 851 508. You can also contact us through the given form – Click here.

What types of carpet cleaning services do you offer?

We are here to solve all carpet cleaning issues. So you can book us for steam cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing, stain removal, mould removal, odour removal, sanitisation, and Scotchgard protection.

Can you provide a brief overview of the cleaning process you use?

Yes, we inspect and select the cleaning steps based on your cleaning needs. We proceed in such a way that no dirt, stain, bacteria, odour or mould can exist after the cleaning. In some cases, we also repeat the process for satisfactory results.

How experienced are your technicians in carpet cleaning?

Most technicians have 4-5 years of experience while some are with us from the beginning. Our company is 25 years old. We do not send newbies to the workplace.

Are your technicians certified or trained in carpet cleaning?

Yes, we provide services only by the hands of certified and trained cleaners. You are free to check certifications. We are also proud members of many associations.

Can Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaning Provide same-day services in Sydney?

Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaning has professionals who help you make your carpet shiny, soft, and bright. Yes, we are available to give you same day service in Sydney. All you need is to contact our experts and discuss your needs, we will ensure that we will provide you with the finest service possible. Be it a residential or commercial carpet cleaning service, we are always there for you!

How much do you charge for carpet cleaning in Brisbane Northside?

The cost of carpet cleaning varies according to the materials, type, and size of your carpet. But we will ensure that you get pocket-friendly and inexpensive carpet cleaning services in Brisbane Northside. So what are you waiting for, contact us for affordable carpet cleaning services today!

Which method is more effective: steam cleaning or dry cleaning?

More than anything else, it depends on the circumstances. For routine residential as well as commercial carpet cleaning we feel dry carpet cleaning is the only way to go as your carpet will be completely dry within minutes, and it does an amazing job of removing soils, spots, and stains. For situations where there is water damage caused by leaking pipes, flooding, severe weather, improperly sealed windows, a leaking roof, overflowing sinks, improper drainage, as well as many other sources, truck mount hot water extraction must be called for wet carpet cleaning. We will ensure you will get the finest services from us!

Real Carpet Experts Work Here

Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaning should be on your speed dial for solving all your carpet cleaning problems. We have real experts to dry clean, steam clean or shampoo your carpets.

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